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Hi, I’m Josie! Let me be your second brain.

Once I learn about a solopreneur’s struggles with a technical aspect of running their business, my brain immediately begins to pick out all the moving parts to make them more manageable. People come to me often to get a new perspective and what they get is a healthy dose of optimism, humor, and a realistic plan. They walk away feeling empowered to start doing things differently. They are armed with new strategies for finding balance with their work and achieving their goals.

For those who have their hands full, I happily dive into the pile of bothersome tasks and knock them out one by one. (I love the tedious stuff — let me do it for you! 🤓)

I'm your person.

I have built the perfect career for myself that allows me to utilize every niche interest and skill I have to provide exactly the kinds of services my solopreneur clients need.

Among my favorite things to do in work and life are organizing information and planning tasks and timelines to accomplish my or my clients’ goals. I can tell when a client needs guidance, training, encouragement, or someone to do the tasks so they can focus on the work they enjoy doing

I’m your person if you need someone who is optimistic, organized, goal-oriented and enjoys nerding out over spreadsheets, graphs, and project management tools from time to time.

You’re my ideal client if you have a positive outlook, enjoy learning, want to find balance in your work life, and want to feel empowered and confident around achieving your business goals.

When I'm AFK

Recreation is super important for finding balance in your life, especially as a solopreneur.

When I’m away from my keyboard, I make time to do my favorite things: taking photos 📷, hiking 🥾, riding my bike 🚴‍♀️, being outside 😎, and listening to podcasts 🎧 or audiobooks 📘.

In October ‘21, I completed the Hilly100, a 100-mile bike ride in hilly southern Indiana. To continue the motivation streak, I signed up for the 52 Hike Challenge. That’s 1 hike per week for a whole year!

If you’re interested in seeing nature through my lens, check out my personal Instagram account: @webgringa. I post new photos every week. 😉

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I can also communicate in a few languages


Native speaker of American English. Familiar with British and other World Englishes.


Bachelor of Arts in Portuguese and lived in Brazil for over a year. Fluent.