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Snooze an email for another time

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Sometimes you don’t have the mental bandwidth to deal with an email and need to come back to it later. Gmail has a feature that allows you to snooze an email until a later date and time. It will generate a notification (if you use the app or desktop notifications) and put the email at the top of your inbox.

How to use it:

  1. While viewing an email or with one or more emails selected, click the icon that looks like an analog clock. (It will appear above the email/list of emails.)

  2. A drop-down menu will appear with preset dates/times. (These times can be changed in Settings. 😉)

  3. Select one of the preset options or choose your own via the ‘Pick date & time’ option.

  4. The email will ‘disappear’ from your inbox and reappear at the time you selected.

Don’t worry! You can always find the emails when you need them by searching your inbox or clicking on the ‘Snoozed’ label in the left-hand sidebar.

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