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Products I Recommend

We all have our favorite products, tools, or software and here are a few of my recommendations.

I earn from qualifying purchases through affiliate links.

Productivity Tools


Project management software.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by your To Do list? Do you stress over that thing you forgot to do? Is there a task you need to complete regularly, that keeps slipping your mind?

You can relax by using ClickUp as your “second brain.” Create recurring tasks that reset once completed, receive reminders via email or the app, and connect it with some of the many integrations to keep yourself organized.

I started using ClickUp for personal, household, and work-related tasks, and I’ll never go back to paper-based lists!

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Social media scheduler.

In my experience, Publer is the best social media scheduling tool out there.

Here are some of my favorite features:

  • Auto-share your LinkedIn company post to your personal LinkedIn profile
  • Add team members to collaborate (with or without posting limitations)
  • Integrations with numerous app (like Canva!)
  • Link in bio pages for Instagram accounts
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Digital tool marketplace.

As one of the smartest entrepreneurs I know, I’m sure you’re into automating busywork: lead gen, social media, SEO, video... etc. AppSumo helps me quickly discover innovative products that boost productivity and extend capabilities—giving me more time to focus on what matters.

I think you’d love it, too.

Click the button below to get $10 for your first new tool. Let me know what you get!

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A simple customer relationship management (CRM) tool to keep track of your leads and pipeline stages.

Samdock is perfect for small businesses needing to keep track of where their leads are in their funnel or pipeline before they become paying customers.

You can collect leads directly through your website with an embedded form and interact with them in Samdock to determine whether they are quality leads to move through your pipeline.

So many CRMs have too many bells and whistles for smaller businesses, but Samdock is straightforward and handy to have around.

At the time I’m writing this, Samdock is available through Appsumo with a lifetime deal.

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