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Ongoing Support

I currently provide ongoing support and encouragement for multiple clients. We stay in touch regularly to be sure we are on the same page about their needs, which range from high-level plans for the next year, big or small website updates, social media images and content, marketing emails, and document formatting, etc.

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Project Planning

Say ‘goodbye’ to the sticky note madness and establish new systems of managing projects and making lists. I can help you find and set up a project management tool that works for you. I’ll guide you to establish new habits to make your workload feel more manageable and help you find balance while you achieve your goals.

Examples include: establishing a social media presence from scratch, building or updating your website, setting up new software, etc.

Ask me about one of your upcoming projects and I’ll let you know how I can help you.

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Software Research & Setup

When you need a new tool to help you get your work done more efficiently, call on me to help you find the right tool and set it up for you.

A recent example: One of my clients had become weary of their old way of managing customer contracts and invoices. They longed for a software solution that will help them stay organized and free up their time for the work they actually enjoy doing. I gathered historical customer information to import into the new system and set up their contract and questionnaire templates so they could start the new year with a fresh start.

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Documentation & Training

I can document processes and provide training materials for any new software or tools to ensure proper use for maximum results going forward. I can also help you establish standard operating procedures for your business.

Formats: Text, Video, Online Course

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Website Design & Maintenance

Whether you need help building your first website, a one-time major revamp, or ongoing maintenance, I’m your person! I can help you develop content, move your content to a new website platform, or simply reorganize existing content.

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Email Marketing

Let me help you either set up a new system for sending your marketing emails or improve the way you already do it. I can also help you establish a routine around planning and sending your email newsletters and/or email automations through your website.

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Social Media

I can help you establish a plan that gives you a consistent social media presence and more confidence in your ability to create content. Or, if you’d rather have someone else handle the logistics, I can work with you to develop content that reflects your brand and post regularly on your behalf.

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Google Workspace Setup

If you decide Google Workspace is for you, I can set up a new account for your company, including custom email addresses at your domain. In many cases, I can also move old emails into the new account.

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Documents (Editing & Formatting)

I can guide you as you develop lead magnets to build your mailing list. I can also edit and/or format any documents you would like fresh eyes on.

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I will identify a variety of solutions for your most pressing challenges, outlining cost, ease of use, etc. We will discuss the options that are the best fit and develop an implementation plan.

The Call

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